❤️ Why We Chose This Way to Fundraise ❤️ 


Raise Craze offers a unique way for us to raise money for our school while making an impact in our community. During this fundraiser, students ask friends and family for donations via the online Raise Craze platform while paying it forward serving others. Students will spend time serving, not selling!


We love that Raise Craze keeps kindness & inclusivity at the center AND they allow our school to keep 90%+ of the funds! 

 👏 How To Get Involved 👏  

  1. Visit the Olson PTA registration link: my.raisecraze.com/A33J8U5
  2. Enter your student's name
  3. Select at least 3 Acts of Kindness
  4. Enter 5-10 email addresses of potential supporters. Raise Craze will send all emails, reminders and thank you notes. *Emails will never be shared with third parties or used for marketing.

Note: Every student can participate in Raise Craze by completing Acts of Kindness (AK) so we're aiming for 100% participation. As a little encouragement, each Project Splash House will receive 3 points per registered student! Peek the leaderboard here. As of 2/13: 


💥 Timing & Goals 💥

  • Dates: January 15 - February 15
  • Our Goal: $25,000

 🧐 Questions? 🧐 

We can't wait to watch kindness take over!